Does DTS Plumbing have an emergency plumber in Geelong available out of hours?

Yes, DTS Plumbing offers a 24-hour plumbing service, providing emergency plumbing to Geelong residents and businesses. DTS’s emergency plumber will attend promptly and deal with emergencies in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Does DTS Plumbing have the equipment to inspect and clear blocked drains on Geelong properties?

DTS Plumbing specialises in drain jetting and clearing blocked drains across Geelong. DTS offers CCTV drain camera inspections and 5000 psi drain jetting. Many plumbers claim to have the latest drain inspection and cleaning equipment but DTS actually owns and operates the best equipment to clear blocked drains and to do the job right, the first time.

Many plumbers specialise in either domestic or commercial plumbing. Does DTS Plumbing provide commercial plumbing services in Geelong?

DTS Plumbing has a team of plumbers and therefore has the resources to focus on both domestic and commercial plumbing in Geelong. DTS’s commercial services encompass the range of commercial business plumbing requirements, including plumbing audits, backflow inspections, water and sewer line work, fire sprinklers and commercial bathroom and kitchen facilities, to name a few.

What domestic plumbing services in Geelong does DTS Plumbing provide?

DTS Plumbing has a plumber for just about any situation. DTS prefers not to break its work down into domestic, commercial or otherwise – rather, it provides plumbing solutions to everybody. Whatever plumber Geelong clients require, DTS Plumbing will provide the appropriate plumber for the job. DTS Plumbing’s services cover blocked drains, emergency plumbing, general plumbing, gas and hydronic heating, hot water systems, gas fitters, roof plumbers, backflow testing – the list is as long as the variety of plumbing work. If you need a plumber in Geelong, call DTS Plumbing.

Does DTS provide maintenance plumbers for Geelong real estate agents and landlords?

DTS Plumbing can provide a plumber in Geelong for just about any maintenance work. DTS is a strong believer in the importance of scheduled inspections and maintenance to prevent the need for costly repairs. Real estate agents, landlords and strata and body corporates seeking a maintenance plumber in Geelong can contact DTS Plumbing to arrange a meeting.

Does DTS Plumbing focus only on Geelong, or will you provide your plumbing services outside the city?

DTS Plumbing provides its plumbing services across Geelong and district, which includes the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast.