DTS Plumbing’s wide range of services include commercial plumbing in Geelong and district. Working with developers, builders and commercial property owners, DTS Plumbing will provide commercial plumbers in Geelong for all plumbing services, including:

  • Plumbing audits
  • Backflow inspections
  • Excavation work
  • Installation of water and sewer lines
  • Fire prevention sprinklers
  • Bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • Installation and cleaning of drains for commercial kitchens.

Plumbing audits and backflow testing are integral components of DTS Plumbing’s commercial plumbers’ work.

Plumbing audits involve the inspection and assessment of plumbing work, appliances and fittings to ensure compliance with relevant standards and legislation. Audits and inspections apply to a range of plumbing services, such as hot and cold water plumbing, stormwater, septic tanks, fire sprinklers, natural gas conversions and installations, rainwater tank installations and grey and recycled water systems, to name a few. DTS Plumbing can perform audits and inspections for most types of commercial plumbing work. Contact the DTS team for more information.

Backflow prevention involves the fitting of special devices to ensure contaminated water cannot enter water supplies and that water quality remains safe for drinking, food preparation and bathing. DTS Plumbing performs scheduled backflow testing in Geelong and district and can arrange for a commercial plumber to install or test backflow prevention devices as required. Contact DTS Plumbing to arrange for one of its commercial plumbers for backflow testing or to install or inspect backflow prevention devices.

DTS Plumbing director David Strode has a wide range of official licences and accreditations for plumbing work and regularly updates and expands his plumbing credentials and qualifications. He also ensures the DTS team members are up to date with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

As well as audits and backflow testing, DTS Plumbing also provides a range of commercial plumbing maintenance roles, including strata plumbing and property maintenance plumbing in Geelong and surrounds and general plumbing services.