Blocked drains are a threat to your premises and to your bank balance. One of the most common reasons for calls to plumbers, blocked drains can lead to internal and external structural damage, undermine building foundations and cause health problems through the growth of mould and bacteria in damp or wet conditions or overflowing and leaking sewage.

Often, blocked drains in Geelong buildings are the result of a build-up of hair and soap scum from the shower, fat and food scraps in the kitchen sink or leaves and other garden debris in external drains. The wrong material being flushed down toilets is another common source of drain blockages. In most instances, the blocked drain remedy is relatively simple and drain jetting using high-pressure water jets or a sewer jetter is enough to solve the problem.

But other causes of blocked drains can be more complex, necessitating elaborate excavations, workplace and household disruption and hefty repair bills.

Trees are among the most common culprits of severe drainage problems. Tree roots, particularly the roots of trees such as willows and poplars, can enter fine cracks in pipes and then, once in the pipe, continue growing and block pipes or lead to the pipe breaking. Poor design or workmanship is another source of drain blockages.

Geelong drain jetting service

Under the guidance of director David Strode and his decades of experience, the DTS Plumbing team will quickly identify blocked drains, the cause of the problem and then set about resolving the drainage issue in the most effective and affordable manner. DTS’s drain cleaning services include:

  • Drain jetting using water jets with 5000 psi pressure
  • CCTV drain camera inspections
  • Underground pipe location
  • Underground leak detection.

DTS has the drain jetting equipment and CCTV drain cameras its competitors claim to have and DTS’s clients can be assured the business’s investment in the latest drain-cleaning equipment saves customers time and money.

Contact Geelong plumbers DTS Plumbing to unblock and repair blocked drains and for other plumbing services including a Geelong emergency plumber, general plumbing in Geelong, gas and hydronic heating, hot water systems and gas fitting. DTS Plumbing is also the roof plumber Geelong building owners rely on for prompt and professional service.