DTS Plumbing has a team of plumbers and gas fitters in Geelong fully qualified and licensed for all plumber and gas fitter work.

Working with gas fittings can be dangerous and is definitely not a job for amateurs or the inexperienced. The Geelong gas fitters with DTS Plumbing have undergone rigorous training and assessment to become licensed to install and work on a wide range of gas fittings and their work complies with strict legislative requirements.

DTS Plumbing’s gas fitters can perform a broad range of gas fitting work, including the installation of commercial and domestic cooking appliances, heaters and hot water systems and can also relocate gas appliances. The Plumbing Industry Council licences gas fitters and any gas fitters in Geelong must be able to produce their licence to prove their ability and authority to carry out gas fitting work. DTS Plumbing’s plumbers and gas fitters willingly and happily provide their credentials to all customers. Clients can also be assured DTS has appropriate insurance that guarantees its work for required time frames and that clients receive compliance certificates once work is complete.

If you’d like to engage a gas fitter in Geelong or district, contact the team at DTS Plumbing. DTS plumbers also perform roof and guttering work, install, maintain and repair hot water and heating systems, general plumbing, 24-hour emergency plumbing and a range of commercial work including strata plumbing and property maintenance plumbing in Geelong.