DTS Plumbing provides a range of general plumbing services to Geelong and district. As one of the main components of its plumbers’ work, DTS Plumbing’s general services include:

  • Rainwater tank installation and water conservation
  • Backflow prevention
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Toilet installation and repairs.

Rainwater tanks

The threat of drought and water restrictions is never far from the thoughts of most Australians and rainwater tanks in Geelong have helped many of the city’s households cope when water is in short supply. Rainwater tanks provide a source of free water which is suitable for tasks such as washing cars and watering gardens and DTS Plumbing can also plumb your rainwater tank so it provides water for toilets and washing machines. DTS Plumbing’s expert plumbers will provide advice on the most appropriate rainwater tank for your premises, help source the most cost-effective rainwater tank and install it for you.

Kitchen plumbing

The proliferation of home improvement and makeover shows on television has resulted in a surge of household renovations. One of the most common rooms in renovators’ sights is the kitchen, largely because it is one of the most popular and important rooms in any home. While some renovation tasks are well within the abilities of the average home handyman or woman, some require the attention of a registered and qualified expert. Only a licensed and registered plumber can perform plumbing work, and that includes installing and connecting services such as water and gas. DTS Plumbing will also advise whether your kitchen plans are viable or cost effective, particularly considering relocating pipes and drains can be expensive and there might be more affordable options.

Blocked toilets and toilet installation

The thought of a blocked toilet overflowing into the bathroom is enough to make anybody shudder and is obviously a problem requiring the services of an emergency plumber. Even if you’ve been able to clear the blocked toilet with plungers or other tools, it’s important to follow up with an inspection by a qualified plumber. Toilet plumbing is not complex but can cause complex problems, particularly if the cause of the problem is left unchecked. DTS Plumbing in Geelong has a team of domestic plumbing experts and inspection and identification of toilet plumbing problems are fundamental to their roles. Contact DTS Plumbing for plumbers to clear a blocked toilet or for an inspection of toilet plumbing following a blockage.

Bathroom plumbing

Bathroom plumbing is not a job for amateurs. Apart from legislative stipulations requiring that licensed and registered plumbers perform plumbing pipe and drainage work, bathrooms require special attention to ensure there are no leaks or drain issues that can lead to expensive problems. A good plumber can also ensure the bathroom has sufficient water supply and flow for optimum showering and bathing comfort. DTS Plumbing’s expert plumbers can also advise on water-saving and cost-effective fixtures and fittings.

Backflow prevention

Backflow prevention devices protect water supplies by preventing reverse water flow carrying contaminants and pollution into water supplies. Geelong water authority Barwon Water stipulates that property owners abide by legislative requirements for the installation and servicing of backflow prevention devices.

DTS Plumbing in Geelong is licensed and qualified to carry out the installation, maintenance and testing of backflow prevention devices in line with the Barwon Water’s requirements which stipulate backflow prevention devices must be:

  • Installed by somebody who is accredited for backflow prevention device installation, commissioning and testing.
  • Easily accessible, available to inspect and service and in a location where the device cannot freeze.
  • Installed following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Commissioned by an approved person when installed and functioning properly before opening onto downstream systems.
  • Tested at least every 12 months by an approved and sanctioned person, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and requirements of AS 2845:2010.

Contact DTS Plumbing for more information about its general plumbing services or other plumbing work such as gas and hydronic heating installation and repairs, hot water systems, roof plumbers and gas fitters in Geelong.