Energy costs are rising and that means home and business heating bills are increasing. It’s more important than ever before to ensure heating systems are working effectively and efficiently.

Gas heaters

The plumbers with DTS Plumbing are Geelong gas heater installation, repair and maintenance experts. DTS Plumbing will visit your home or business, inspect your gas heaters and recommend the best course of action.

As well as gas heater installation, repairs and maintenance, plumbers with DTS Plumbing also carry out carbon monoxide testing to ensure gas heaters are safe. Faulty or poorly installed gas heaters can release carbon monoxide into homes and offices, sometimes with lethal consequences.

DTS Plumbing recommends servicing for gas heaters in Geelong at least every two years before winter and immediately there is any indication of problems with the heater. Problem signs include yellow or orange flames, pilot lights extinguishing for no reason, any signs of damage from heat, hot areas surrounding heaters or any evidence of soot.

Gas heater installation and repairs must be carried out by qualified plumbers and the team with DTS Plumbing, Geelong, has all necessary qualifications and licences to ensure installations, repairs and testing on gas heaters are to industry-best standards. DTS plumbers will also advise and recommend on the most appropriate gas heaters for different situations and locations.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating in Geelong is growing in popularity as a form of energy efficient and cost effective heating and the team of plumbers with DTS Plumbing are experts in its installation, maintenance and repair.

Hydronic heating uses hot water running through pipes under the floor, through radiators or along walls to create heating through radiant heat. Usually, heating tubes are within concrete slabs or under timber floors between joists and their even distribution ensures an even distribution of heat. A boiler heats the liquid which the hydronic system then circulates throughout building, with a continual cycle of heated liquid entering the system and liquid which has cooled returning to the boiler for re-heating and re-circulating.

Hydronic heating supporters claim the system is better than fan-forced systems because heat from the floor rises evenly, ensuring no cold zones. An added bonus is warm floors underfoot.

DTS Plumbing will provide advice and recommendations about hydronic heating and will also supply, install and maintain the heating systems, and perform repairs on the rare occasions they are required.

For the hydronic underfloor heating Geelong householders and business owners require, contact professional Geelong plumbers DTS Plumbing. DTS plumbers’ services also include work on hot water systems, installing and repairing roofing and guttering across Geelong and district, unblocking blocked drains and for the services of an  emergency plumber in Geelong and along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.