DTS Plumbing has a team of highly qualified plumbers Geelong households and businesses can trust for advice, installation and maintenance of hot water systems.

Whether it’s an electric hot water system or gas hot water system, DTS Plumbing will advise on the appropriate system for specific situations, the pros and cons of either system and recommend the hot water system¬†which best meets budget and other requirements.

Hot water systems are not created equally, nor is there one hot water service that suits every situation.

Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are generally the cheapest option to buy and to install but the savings on purchase and installation can disappear in running costs. An electric hot water system is economical running on off-peak electricity but the water that is heated overnight has to last the entire day, which can mean a larger tank is necessary, particularly for larger families. If off-peak electricity is not available or demand for hot water is heavy, an electric hot water system might not be the best option. DTS Plumbing can advise.

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water in Geelong is a popular option because of the¬†availability of natural gas. While gas prices are on the rise, natural gas remains cheaper than electricity and has the added bonus of consistent pricing throughout the day, unlike electricity’s peak and off-peak rates. Because of rate consistency, gas hot water systems can heat water throughout the day and night as it’s required and therefore can require smaller storage tanks than their electric counterparts.

On the downside, gas hot water systems are generally more expensive to buy and install than electric hot water, and gas hot water becomes expensive if natural gas is not available and the hot water system must rely on expensive liquefied petroleum gas – LPG.

Whether it’s electric hot water or gas hot water, DTS Plumbing can recommend the most appropriate hot water system for Geelong and district households and businesses. Contact the expert plumbers at Geelong’s DTS Plumbing for hot water system advice, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Solar hot water

DTS Plumbing is a firm believer in clean, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and can provide plumbing services for clients seeking to install solar hot water systems. Solar systems can come with a hefty purchase price as high as $10,000, without installation, but government rebates and long-term cost savings make them a viable and worthwhile option, particularly for those wanting to live off the grid. Talk to the plumbers with DTS Plumbing about solar hot water options for your property.

Commercial hot water systems

DTS Plumbing supply and install high-quality commercial hot water systems in Geelong for a variety of industries, from supplying apartment complexes, to office buildings, hotels and much more.

We have the team and hot water systems from leading brands required to supply our commercial clients with affordable and reliable hot water year-round.

DTS Plumbing can also help with other general plumbing services, including gas fitting, gas and hydronic heating, general plumbing, emergency plumbing, roofing and guttering and clearing blocked drains in Geelong and district.