Leaking roofs and overflowing gutters are not just inconvenient, they’re dangerous, and as a roof plumber in Geelong DTS Plumbing encounters roofing and guttering hazards on a regular basis.

Even the smallest leak is a threat to a building’s structural integrity and can lead to problems which cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Water pouring through the ceiling or over a clogged gutter are obvious signs something is wrong, but hidden leaks can have subtle and insidious dangers that compromise the building’s structure or the health of its occupants.

  • Mould: Mould and mildew love damp and dark places, and ceiling spaces and wall cavities are the ideal environment for mould and mildew, particularly when a leaking roof or gutter ensures ongoing moisture. Heating and cooling systems can help spread mould spores throughout buildings, affecting clothes, carpets, curtains and furniture. Mould and mildew are unsightly but are also health threats, causing allergic reactions, asthma, rhinitis and other health complications. There have even been instances of houses having to be abandoned because of mould infestation. DTS Plumbing has a team of roof plumbers Geelong families and businesses can trust to replace or repair roofing and guttering and keep mould and mildew at bay.
  • Damage: Leaking roofs and gutters can damage ceilings and walls, cause paint to bubble and stain, warp and expand wooden framework and ruin plaster and fittings. Minimising the damage bill from a leaking roof or gutter requires prompt attention. As soon as you are aware of the problem, call DTS Plumbing’s roof plumbers in Geelong. Prompt action early will mean less long-term damage and a smaller repair bill.
  • Electrical hazards: Wiring in buildings runs through ceiling and wall spaces and we all know that water and electricity do not mix. Water running onto lighting and electrical cables is dangerous and a recipe for disaster. If you suspect a leak, call DTS Plumbing in Geelong for roof repairs that could save a life.
  • Increased power bills: Insulation works less effectively when wet and the longer it remains sodden, the less effective it can become. A leaking roof or roof guttering can leave insulation in your ceiling wet and ineffective, which means you’re up for increased power bills trying to stay warm or cool, as well as repair bills when a roof plumber finally identifies and repairs the problem.
  • Falls and accidents: Water from rusted or leaking roof guttering can lead to algae and moss forming on footpaths and turn walkways into slippery hazards, particularly when wet. Call DTS Plumbing’s roof plumbers in Geelong to repair your guttering and prevent falls and other accidents.

Roofs and gutters are, by their nature, up high and not easy to regularly inspect. DTS Plumbing can organise regular inspections of roofing and guttering and checked for blocked drains on Geelong buildings and reduce the need for costly roof repairs. Simply contact DTS Plumbing to arrange a roofing and guttering inspection.

DTS Plumbing carries out a range of plumbing work, ranging from commercial plumbing for Geelong businesses to installing, maintaining and repairing hot water systems.